It is interesting to see what Chuck Bass and Serena van der Woodsen would think about it.

16 February Chace Crawford revealed on the XOXO with Jessica Szohr podcast—hosted by Jessica Szohr who played Vanessa on the series—that he and Leighton Meester had an “instant” connection while auditioning for the CW’s Gossip Girl In the early aughts.

Crawford, who played Nate Archibald in Burbank’s final audition, stated that he was constantly thinking about “Who is going to play Blair Waldorf?” 

Crawford recalls, “They allowed me to enter this huge waiting room.” “And there was this one girl in this chair at the very end, with her back to me…and I kind of went, ‘Hi, let me introduce myself,’ she turns around, headband on, it’s Leighton.”

“I thought, “Oh, this is the girl!” He said, “I assumed that she could act, so I’m certain she can,”

Szohr said, “I love it,”

Crawford said, “We sort of had an immediate friendship connection.” Crawford said, “It was easy to talk to.”

We wish we had been there!