Blair stated in documents that he continued to shout at her and said, “I will F–king Kill You” several times before leaving the house. 

His housekeeper came downstairs shortly after Blair left. Blair’s assistant arrived at her home about 30 minutes later, according to the document. Her assistant took photos of her injuries and she recalled what had happened. 

Photos from her declaration and her restraining orders show that Blair suffered bruises to her neck, biceps and jaw.

Blair dialled 911 when her assistant had taken photos.

Los Angeles police took “one photo from her full face, three photos from the red marks around her neck and under her chin, and three photos from the red marks on her left and right hand,” according to Blair’s declaration.

She stated in her statement that she had a bleeding nose and was unconscious while speaking to officers from the LAPD. The hospital was called and she was taken to hospital.