Find out more Chlöe BaileyAnd Halle BaileySisterhood has a power unlike any other.

CelebHomes News’ sister-duo spoke out about their mutual impact and shared some of their thoughts with CelebHomes News. Halle opened up about suffering with imposter syndrome as she navigates her impressive singing and acting career, noting that Chlöe’s encouragement helps her through.

It just seems so surreal to do meetings [with]Halle will soon portray princess Ariel, one of many people I love so much. “Chlöe was lifting my spirits up the other day like, ‘No, you’re meant to be in there too.’ That’s so amazing and special.

Halle continued, saying that Chlöe helped shape her even when they were younger.

Halle shared that her sister “empowers me everyday just by being herself, and watching how hard I work.” Halle said that she has always been an example of the kind of person I want to be, and how to make an impact on others.