All breakups don’t work out the same.

Clayton EchardDramatic dismissal Susie EvansThe March 8th episode of The Bachelor Bachelor Nation was thrown into an angry frenzy, and most of the hate directed at them. Bachelor himself. 

Here’s a quick primer to the dramatic, juicy details surrounding the split. Basically, Susie didn’t like that Clayton had told the two other remaining girls—Gabby Windey Rachel Recchia—that he loved them And slept with during their fantasy suite dates. Clayton was adamant and finally sent Susie packing following heated conversations.

Clayton has taken responsibility for this mess.

“I’m embarrassed. He said, “I was aware that this moment was approaching.” Podcast by Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous. It was something I had kind of hinted at in the previous weeks. “I’m not shocked at the online reactions.”

You can see, even The BachelorComment below!

He stated that “people are very against me” and “favored her,” but he understood. “I totally see what you’re seeing.”

Clayton said that Clayton was justified in his choice to share sex time with each of the women. He pointed out that he is very serious about sex.

“[Sex]”It is so crucial in a relationship.” he stated. I cannot be engaged to someone if we don’t have sexual chemistry. That’s me. Perhaps it’s not everyone’s experience. This is so amazing to me. It must all be true if I am going to get married.”