Warning! The following story includes spoilers from the season 1 of Selling the OC..

Tyler Stanaland is bringing chill surfer vibes to Selling the OC in more ways than one.

A married real estate agent is The Perfect PitchStar Brittany Snow, found himself at the center of the debut season’s biggest feud when Kayla Cardona attempted to kiss him. However, it wasn’t the first time. “One night, Kayla did try and kiss me,” the former pro surfer told the Reality TV With Kate Casey podcast Aug. 24. “And then, it also happened the second night.”

Where? Polly BrindleAlex Hall and more found out about the near-kiss, they confronted the single mother. However, it was only after the feud divided the Oppenheim agents that Tyler decided to step in and speak with Kayla about her behavior—but why did it take so long?

Tyler didn’t wish to make the situation worse than it was. “Out of respect and appreciation for [Kayla]”I’m just trying to minimize it,” said he. He also explained that he was trying to get past the drama so there wasn’t any.