“And then there’s the grass pad on the bottom—there’s not a lot of properties in L.A. that have that extra land, so I think that’s really cool,” she said. The view, I’m referring to, is absolutely breathtaking.

Season five revealed that Micah purchased the property in 2016 to begin a new project. The finished piece is now in Emma’s hands, and she’s looking for a buyer. Micah chose Emma to represent him, and she said that Micah had “seen” my business drive.

He’s been impressed with me knowledge about investments and real estate in general, she stated. When you get into real estate it is important not to just see the property but also consider how you can make money from it.

Micah said that he agreed with Emma, saying CelebHomes News: “I love working together and I’m happy we can find the right buyer to this luxurious property.”