Austin ButlerHis voice wasn’t the only thing to have changed after he assumed the role as rock and roll icon Elvis Presley.

As it turns out, his personal life took a hit while filming the Baz LuhrmannA biopic that is directed Elvis. “I didn’t see my family for—it turned out to be three years,” Butler said in an exclusive interview with CelebHomes News’ Daily Pop. I didn’t even see my friends the entire time. “It was as if the rest of my lives suddenly became compartmentalized.”

Butler indicated that it is difficult to find the right balance between real life and the obsession of playing a part in a film. He said that this was something he continues to work on.

According to the 30-year old, “There is this thing where, when you are on the train and people speak great about you, but you also have people who say terrible things about your character,” she shared. “And for me, every day, it’s this thing of going, ‘Okay, what is reality?’ This is just being thankful and not allowing the things that make me feel bad to be me.