Victory is in the HeartYou are saying farewell and leaving a message. 

The final season of the groundbreaking series, which dropped all eight episodes simultaneously on Hulu and Disney+ June 15, comes at a time of increased attacks against the young queer community that it celebrates and supports.

“As we’re experiencing this resurgence of these draconian laws that are really terrible for LGBT youth—especially for trans youth—the Don’t Say Gay bill in Florida, which is repugnant and egregious, ” Victory is in the HeartExecutive producer Brian TanenCelebHomes News’s David said, “It speaks about the fact that still people would like to litigate Queer People out of existence.”

That’s why the third and final season—which showcases the struggle, awkwardness and, ultimately, the reward of young, queer love—comes at such a vital time. It’s a moment that wasn’t lost on the cast, either.

“Right at this moment, we need as many support as possible.” Michael CiminoVictor is played by Victor. “There is so much happening in the world, and it can be so frustrating. This has absolutely nothing to do. [the politicians]They make decisions for the people. It’s horrible.”

Cimino sees first-hand the impact the show can have, especially when he receives messages from fans.

“The ones that mean the most to me are the ones that say, ‘This show has changed my life because it inspired me to come out,'” he said, “Or ‘I watched the show with my family and it changed my mom’s perspective about things.’ This is my entire goal.