Fans’ obsession with Love is blindThey can’t even be controlled. Ask Miley Cyrus

As Lauren Cameron Hamilton revealed on CelebHomes’s The DMs are down, the pop star is one of the many celebs that have, uh, come into their social media like a wrecking ball in the two years since they first met and fell in love on season one of the Netflix series. 

Lauren stated that quite a few celebrities slid into my DMs during their exclusive chat. All supportive, beautiful messages expressing their appreciation for the show and how much they enjoyed the story and the love story.

As for Miley’s message, it left Cameron “totally shocked” because she wasn’t just reaching out to say hi—she wanted him and Lauren to come on her Instagram series. 

She taught her one of the famous TikTok moves. “I was like, oh yeah, we’re totally best friends with Miley now,” Lauren added with a laugh before revealing that she received an equally exciting DM from Tiffany “New York” Pollard.