This tension could be cut with a knife. 

Season Two of Love is blindHosting by Vanessa and Nick Lachey, premieres Feb. 11 on Netflix. And before we get to see 30 singles from Chicago take a stab at pod dating, in an CelebHomes News exclusive clip, we get a sneak peek at what’s in store for us. In the clip, Kyle, a 29-year-old glazierAnd Shaina, a 32-year-old hair stylist, discuss their religious views while on a date—and to Shaina’s dismay, she finds out that Kyle is an Atheist. 

Kyle told Shaina that he is not religious during their pod date.

Shaina, who is jaw-droppingly shocked replies “It’s like trying to calm down,” “Are you Atheist?”

He replies, “Yeah,” “However you’re feeling I can understand.”

We need to have a conversation about this! Shaina said. Shaina says, “Let’s say that we get married. But what happens if our children are born?”

You’re asking me whether I agree with your instilling faith into our children. He continues to ask. “That’s OK, the children will eventually decide like me.”