Zendaya & Tom Holland Getting COZY in the U.K. See Pics!

Some ZendayaFans aren’t feeling too excited about the new replica of’s.
Madame Tussauds Wax Museum London unveiled the wax figurine version of the 25 year-old actress in a touching tribute to her. Rocking a fuchsia suit, the statue of Zendaya serves as the remake of a 2016 red carpet appearance. But, soon after the images were uploaded to the Internet on February 10, Zendaya’s fans debated the extent of their resemblance.
One person tweetedYou might ask, “How can this look exactly like her?” You can zoom in on the face and it appears a lot like her. But, you cannot see that from far away. It’s usually the reverse. This is what sorcery looks like. Another addedThey say, “I understand what they want, but the proportions in each aspect are slightly off.” Und a third? wroteZendaya should have done better.