Star-Lord, where are you headed? The Mask Singer universe?

Ken JeongThis persuasive argument is presented by the author. Chris Pratt himself might be under the Cyclops costume, in this exclusive clip from the March 16 episode. 

After host Nick CannonKen puts a meteorite in front of him and places it on a stage. A plaque says “This meteorite fell to Earth in 1988.”

“Okay. Meteorite is from where?” He inquires. “Galaxies! What do you do when you have a galaxy?

It is your responsibility to protect it Judge shouts Jenny McCarthy.

It’s amazing to watch teamwork come alive.

“You got a Guardian of the Galaxy,” Ken continues. “We saw the comic book last week in our package. Chris Pratt might be the one!

Ken was referring to Cyclops’ intro package which included Cyclops’ comic book and a compass.

For his pièce de résistance, Ken says that the date on the meteor’s plaque might be the greatest hint of all, referencing “his character Peter Quill, who was abducted from Earth in 1988.”

You would be amazed at how much it pays to know so much about comics. The Mask Singer?