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It feels like the wedding season goes on all year, particularly with all of those events postponed starting in 2020  2021. This means you will have lots to do, regardless of whether you are getting married or a member of your family is getting married. There is a lot of planning (and shopping) that needs to be done.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by all this. However, I do have good news: the Nordstrom Wedding Shop can take care of everything you need for your big day. There are pre-wedding outfits for brides, flowers, bridal and guest dresses (for women and men), ring bearer attires and accessories as well, along with bridesmaid and flower girl outfits. Nordstrom truly has everything covered! You can find everything you need about weddings at Nordstrom.

Scroll down to see some standout pieces in the Nordstrom Wedding Shop.