CelebHomes News is told by Cassie’s rep, however that Cassie “hopes” to be able to attend more Bachelor Nation events in the future.

Cassie said that Cassie was happy to see her Bachelor Nation family again, and added that Cassie appreciates all of the support she received after the final night.

Colton also shared the following information on the 14 March episode Almost FamousPodcast that Cassie was aware of his appearance. He told Bachelor Nation host Chris and his fellow stars that he knew about Cassie’s appearance. Ben Higgins and Ashley IaconettiExplaining that the producer had provided him with a “heads up” prior to airing,

But he stated that he wasn’t given any notice about what Cassie would talk about on the show. “Whatever she has to say, I have always been there from the beginning.” [said]”I have no control over what she says or does, so I can’t speak for her,” he said. She can choose to vent or do what she likes.