This is Austin GunnStep out Hana Giraldo

That appears to be the case in this sneak peek of the newest Ranch Rules are Relatively PopularThis episode airs tonight, February 23, at 9:59 PM. 

The CelebHomes cast is relieved from their daily work obligations and goes out to a bar to practice the Colorado two-step. Hana Jasmin LawrenceThe friends have been working together and Austin has been watching the action from the sidelines. 

This is until he stands up and asks an anonymous bar patron: “Is she your girl here?” 

Austin tells the woman “no” and then says it again. Rachel. The two begin to dance, and Austin soon starts flirting telling Austin, “I am having a wonderful time right here.” 

Hana eventually notices what’s happening, but things only get worse when Austin asks Rachel where her phone is.