This cycle is endless. 

Pete Davidson seemingly deleted his Instagram account, @pmd, once again after logging on to the app for seven days. But before his account went dark on Wednesday, Feb. 23, he posted a video hinting at what could’ve been part of his new social media aesthetic. 

The first post he made to the grid, and his only one was a video that contained footage from the film he was about to make. The Home. The same morning he deleted the account, he shared a behind-the-scenes clip and captioned it, “They’re letting me add my own dialogue to The House.”

He suggested he would continue to use Instagram to give glimpses into his work life, writing, “#welcometomyinstagram #thisisthetypeofstuffyoucanbeexpecting,” as captured by a fan account.

The Home is a new horror thriller created by the writer, director and producer of The Purge franchise, James DeMonaco. According to Deadline Pete will be playing a troubled, confused man who works at a retirement center and discovers the caretakers are hiding sinister secrets. He begins to uncover more about his family and his retirement home as his character visits the fourth floor.