Will Smith is officially back on the ‘gram.

The actor teased his return to social media and shared a video with his son Trey Smith29-year-old, facing off against the spider.

In this clip that was uploaded to Instagram late on Aug. 20, the dad-son team notices that the tarantula was only a few feet from them. Will said, “What the hell?” while filming this video. “That’s a huge ass spider.”

Trey adds, perhaps, “that’s an antula.”

Will (53 years old) then giggles and points his toes. The caption he added was “Posting it from a Holiday Inn.”

Jamie FoxxComment on this post with 3 laughing/crying Emojis, while comedian Savvy EntertainmentWrites, “Yaw Safely Got That Out Bro! You’d have been Peter Parker at the a.m.”