The day was perfect for a wedding in white. Jennifer LopezAnd Ben Affleck.

On Aug. 20, the two tied the knot for the second time in a lavish ceremony in Georgia in front of their family and friends. Affleck and Lopez both wore white, as did their guests and wedding party.

Their kids—the actor and ex-wife Jennifer GarnerThree of his children Violet, 16, Seraphina13 and SamuelJ.Lo (ex-husband), 10, J.Lo (10) Marc AnthonyThe twins of’s MaxAnd Emme, 14, all took part in the ceremony, which lasted 20 minutes and was officiated by life coach Jay ShettyCelebHomes News was informed by an eyewitness.

They also took family photos by the lakeside dock after the ceremony. The ceremony was both romantic and traditional. The couple had an antique car waiting to transport them. J.Lo was overjoyed and there were many tears of joy as well as laughter. It was her smile that said it all.