Bravo has just grown. 

On May 12, the network announced plans to roll out a robust slate of new reality TV shows. Some will feature a familiar face or two—Leva Land: Southern Charm in particular, as it’s a spinoff of the popular Charleston-based series that first premiered in 2014—while others will be completely fresh, introducing never-before-seen casts with huge personalities. 

Leva BonaparteThe new leader Southern Charm iteration, set to focus on the comings and goings at Republic Garden & Lounge, one of her four restaurants on the hottest street in Charleston. As it stands now, the show will premiere this fall. Below deckThe new spinoff of.

Explore Below Deck Adventure takes wealthy thrill-seekers on the mega-yacht trip of a lifetime where they will experience thrilling adventures and daredevil activities, all against some of the world’s most beautiful backdrops. What’s the first thing? You’re the first to go.