Do you have a blank area? Well, Taylor Swift That information can be filled in.

The 32-year-old singer made an unexpected appearance in a new Instagram photo of Antoni PorowskiAnd his boyfriend Kevin HarringtonThe couple was photographed by Taylor during an apparent intimate gathering of friends. Kevin posted a black and white snap of Taylor on March 16. You can clearly see Taylor peeking behind the couple while they sat on a comfortable sofa.

Tagging Taylor and Antoni, Kevin included in his post an equally fun caption that gave a nod to a beloved children’s TV show. His caption read, “Does anybody else recall the Big Comfy Couch? Or was it just a fever dream?”

Fans were delighted with Taylor’s unexpected appearance. In the comments, one person wrote “omg finally seeing Taylor”, while another said, “Thanks so much for showing us Taylor’s alive.” We needed it!”