Jussie SmollettHe was released from prison

Jussie received the option to place a $150,000 bail and be released from jail after serving his 150 day sentence. According to CelebHomes News’ March 16 court order,

Jussie’s lawyer has filed an appeal. However, the appellate court stated that their decision could not be made until Jussie is sentenced. Accordingly, they granted Jussie his “stay”, or pause, in prison.

The fact that Jussie was convicted of a non-violent crime also weighed into the decision, per the order.

Jussie may lose his appeal. In that case, the actor would serve the sentence he received on March 10th from the beginning.

Jussie was seen getting out of jail on Wednesday afternoon and getting into his SUV. Reporters were not able to reach him.

We have been complaining about how the justice system treats African Americans, regardless of your opinion on this particular case. Some may believe that Mr. Smollett was guilty. Jussie’s lawyer after his release stated, “I disagree.” The real question here is: Should Black men be sent to jail for a Class 4 felony? Shame on those who think that they should. It’s an embarrassment. It’s wrong.”