A couple who is sporty.

Olympian Shawn JohnsonShe and her husband Andrew EastWe are now taking over the June 20, episode American Ninja WarriorCelebHomes News offers an exclusive peek at the new site.

The preview begins with Shawn anxiously watching her former NFL star hubby prep for the course.

He was a great runner when he completed the course last year. Unfortunately, for him, he’s also the second-best athlete in his home. ANW co-host Matt Iseman quips. “We are up here in the booth joined by Olympic gold medalist—and the wife of Andrew—Shawn Johnson.”

Shawn says, “It’s so great to be back.” I’m so nervous.”

Andrew gets her best advice: “Don’t let yourself fall!” You are my love.”

He’s done and he breezes through his first hurdle before taking off his shirt to show off his muscled physique.

“Andrew’s jacked, Shawn,” Matt tells her. He’s good looking.”

Andrew effortlessly makes it through a couple more obstacles before Matt announces, “He’s now equal of last year’s effort reaching the fourth obstacle. He can he get even further this year!