Everyone, get ready to grab your popcorn! Sandra BullockIt is back.

Yes, you did read that right and we are absolutely freaked out. Netflix has announced that Bullock will star in a new Netflix film. The UnforgivableThe film, starring Jennifer Lawrence, will be released in select theaters on Tuesday Nov. 23 and on Netflix Friday Dec. 10. We were given more than two weeks notice to mentally prepare.

With The UnforgiveableBullock’s debut big role since 2018 Bird Box—a.k.a. the scary movie with the blindfolds—it has officially been three years too long since the Oscar winner has graced the big screen.

Directed by Nora Fingscheidt, and starring Viola Davis. Jon Bernthal. Rob MorganAnd Vincent D’Onofrio. The UnforgiveableFollow Ruth Slater (Bullock), as she faces the judgment she faces when she re-enters society following a 20-year sentence for murdering a cop.

Ruth is warned by an uneasy voice that Ruth will pay for what she did.