But this isn’t the first time that the couple, who have been married since 2006 raised eyebrows. Last year, Spelling posted a picture of her family’s Christmas card to Instagram. The photo showed Spelling smiling with McDermott’s children and holding an iPad photo. Spelling acknowledged that McDermott was “away from work” and that they tried their best to incorporate him, but some of her followers still had questions. 

McDermott said that it explained where I was in the Christmas card. “And they’re like: ‘He wasn’t at the Christmas photo shoot?’ “Something’s going on.”

McDermott also explained why he was seen without his ring. McDermott said that he had a silicone utility band that he took off while playing golf and that he kept in his pocket. “And when my glove was taken out, it fell off the fairway. So, I lost the utility ring. Then someone saw it. “He doesn’t have his ring.” Now, everyone is in a titter. So I’m like: “Forget about it, I’m going to replace it.” Let them think about it.