Get ready for another jaw-dropping transformation from Renée Zellweger.

The two-time Oscar winner totally transforms into convicted murderer Pam Hupp in the first teaser for NBC’s highly anticipated new show Pam’s Best Thing. Zellweger, who is wearing facial prosthetics and body padding to portray the soda-slurping villain, is almost unrecognizable

Pam’s Best ThingBased on the murder of 2011. Betsy FariaThat led to her marriage. Russ‘ conviction. While Russ was later exonerated the crime set off a chain of events that eventually exposed a villainous scheme planned by Pam.

New teaser: Pam is being interrogated by authorities, asking “Was Betsy ever violent?”

Zellweger responds innocently, “I don’t really know. He seemed very aggressive.” Zellweger replies innocently, “You’re the right type.”

“I did not do that!” Russ, (played By Glenn FleshlerThe clip is edited by ).

Investigators learn later that Betsy had changed Pam to Russ’ beneficiary four days prior to Betsy’s murder.