One of the world’s biggest fashion events is almost here—and no, we’re not talking about New York Fashion Week.

We’re instead counting down to figure skating analysts Tara LipinskiAnd Johnny Weir begin commentating at the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games, as the duo always dresses to impress. 

Lipinski said exclusively during CelebHomes News that “Oh, We are Pumped,” Daily PopWednesday, February 3. We love the Olympic Games.

They love to perform! Lipinski explained that they pack their entire wardrobe. 

Although they brought 21 bags to the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, this is apparently a smaller haul.

Weir joked, “We did well this year.” Weir joked that there were 17 suitcases in the bag between them.

He said, “It isn’t as many as the ones we brought in the past. So I believe we are maturing.” “Or we spend too much time together and I know exactly what’s in her closet already.”

As they’ve done in the past, Lipinski and Weir will once again be matching all of their outfits “in some form or fashion.”