Tyler Cameron Loni Love are the perfect match—as dancing partners, that is!

Current competitors on Fox’s new series The Real Dirty DancingThe pair met outside rehearsals at CelebHomes News. Daily PopLoni hosted a guest host for ‘, where she was also hosting CelebHomes’s ‘ Justin SylvesterOn Thursday, February 3rd

Justin for his part was speechless upon seeing Tyler and Loni dancing their first dance. Tyler summarizes: She was moving her knees and shaking her butt. It was easy to slip in and move on, the rest was up to her.

“It was something,” he added. It was very hot. It was extremely hot.

Unfortunately not Bachelorette alum, the first time he watched the dance was with his grandmother.

Tyler recalls that Tyler’s nana used to be right by her side. “She can see me sliding down on Loni and grasping on to her hips. I’m looking at my nana like, ‘Nana, are you okay with this?'”