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Grammy Winner Clash of the Cover Bands You can judge Meghan Trainor Makes a special stop in Siwas Dance Pop Revolution to weigh in on which young stars should move forward in the competition. A clip of tonight’s episode airs on Tuesday, December 14, and Meghan discusses the “ruthless” selection process for contestants. 

Which was your favourite? Or like top two?” JoJo Siwa asks. 

What are the favorites?

The song “I Want You back” was performed by Brooklynn, Frontrunner Kinley‘s performance. 

Next Jessalynn SiwaWonders what girls Meghan’s “least favourite” was that night. 

Meghan insists, “This is ruthless,” before concluding. Dallas had one of the weaker performances. “She’s pitchy sometimes, but she’s so far advanced for every other person her age but next to the other girls, you’re like…” Meghan explains. 

Jessalynn notes that Dallas is the youngest contestant on the entire competition.