“When we were in discussions about it—because at first I balked at even the idea of coming back and dying—it just was like, ‘Well, just let it be, you know?'” He agreed. Noth shared his story because of the outcome. VogueI said, “I know that Michael Patrick King will take care of me in writing, shooting, and editing so I was very at ease with the idea of dying.”

He seems to agree it’s for the best that Big bowed out early in the season. 

“All things come to an end and it was time for him go. Unless we’re going to be doing something else. Scenes from a Wedding, Sex and the City style,” he quipped. He said, “There wasn’t anywhere to go but down six feet.”

Is there anything good that can be gained from the tragedy? An viral advertisement with Ryan ReynoldsNoth’s reuniting in the afterlife? Peloton Instructor Jess KingAllegra was played by.

The first two episodes of Just like that are streaming on HBO Max.