It appears like Clare CrawleyThe breakup of a couple Dale MossIt has been a challenging situation.

The former couple split almost three years ago. Bachelorette star appeared to throw shade at her ex-fiancé on Tuesday, Dec. 14, when she made an eyebrow-raising remark about “acting” on her Instagram Story.

“Sauna + emails!” Along with a photo of her in the steam-room, she added: “For the record, you guys can stop sending me all the acting reel clips… I had a front row seat to it since day one.”

Some Bachelor Nation fans assumed she meant Dale’s film. Love, Game, Match. One user on Twitter tweeted“Clare shading Dale is starting the night right with his new movie.”

Clare’s comment came just a day after the trailer for romantic comedy was released online. Dale is a former footballer who stars in the romantic comedy.Cristine ProsperiAfter the meeting, both are asked to try out a matchmaking site for students.