Kim KardashianShe traded her usual glamorous look for something a bit more intense. 

The Staying up with the Kardashians Alum and her oldest son. North WestTheir joint TikTok profile revealed quite the transformation, which was unveiled on Thursday Dec. 16. Mother-daughter pair showed off their face with black and red makeup on the top and bottom, and prosthetics covering their lower halves. The cause of the transformation is not known, however the duo showed how it was done in a brand new video posted to their page. 

The clip showed Kim and North naked, then they rewinded through their faces, wiping off the make-up with makeup wipes. North also showed the prothetics that were covering her mouth, and how it was removed. 

The account launched in late November and fans now have an exclusive look at Kim’s private life through her eight-year old daughter. Kanye West. Fans have seen footage of the youngster’s pet lizards. Chicago playing with dolls and of her and cousin Penelope Disick performing Katy Perry‘s “California Gurls.”