Lenny Lisa HochsteinThey are strong even with some bumps along the way.

On the fourth season premiere of Real Housewives of Miami, Miami’s star of Real Housewives of Miami opened up about her marital troubles. RHOMPeacock’s yesterday launch of, is now available for streaming.

Lisa shared that she almost had to get divorced after having difficulty getting pregnant for years prior to their birth of their children. Lenny was having an affair with a two-dollar shovel during this separation.

Lisa claims that Lenny came back to Lisa and it was his best decision.

Lisa opens up now about their marital struggles.

Lisa spoke exclusively to CelebHomes News, stating that “we’ve been together 14 years, almost fifteen years and that’s like an entire lifetime in Miami.” We all have our problems, and we are not alone. However, we stayed strong and committed to each other. There are always issues in a relationship. I advise you to not lose heart and to stick by your man, but stick with your lady.