You don’t have to think about the past when you can create. 

The Morning Show co-stars Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston did just that by reenacting a scene from Friends, which starred Aniston as Rachel Green between 1994 2004 and featured Witherspoon as a guest star in season 6.

In an interview that Witherspoon posted on Instagram Aug. 25, they are shown reminiscing over their past collaboration and then trying to recall one scene verbatim.

Aniston questions Witherspoon: “Is this the place you say that line you love so deeply?” 

Witherspoon replied, “Well, you could say the lines.” Do you remember your line?”

This scene features Rachel (Aniston), her younger sister Jill, and their argument over Jill’s plans for Rachel to date Ross (Witherspoon).David Schwimmer).

Witherspoon assists Aniston with the opening scene.

“‘Can’t have? Can’t have?” Witherspoon replies. “The only thing I don’t eat is dairy.”