“What is the worst thing that could possibly happen?” 

Below deck MediterraneanChef stew Natasha WebbCelebHomes News exclusive: CelebHomes News’ first look at the drama midseason trailer. Innocently, she poses this question, and quickly gets an answer. 

Chaos ensues as every crew member appears to be fighting with at least one other person—except for Natalya ScudderTwo of her closest friends are actually at the same time: She and Her Boat Boo Storm Smith  her fellow interior crew member Kyle Viljoen. It’s hard to know what motivates Kyle. However, he expresses his love for Natalya while toasting at crew dinner. “Cheers to you being a cheeky motherf–king bitch,” he tells her, “but at least you speak your mind.”

Storm has made the relationship between Storm and Natalya seem a lot more complex than it was. One minute Natalya is accusing him of throwing a “temper tantrum,” and the next he’s telling her, “I can’t take you anymore. You must get the hell out of my head.