The romance of this era is exploding 

Lana Condor Cole Sprouse take HBO Max’s upcoming rom-com, MoonshotThe stars could make an alien melt. In the trailer that dropped March 10, the actors made a strong case that Mars may be the best new place to find true love.

Set to blast off on March 31, the film follows Sophie—played by Lana—and Walt—played by Cole—as they aim to help each other reunite with their significant others who they’ve unexpectedly drifted away from. When Sophie goes to MNars, she follows her boyfriend Calvin.Mason Gooding), Walt follows and a new romance is kindled among the stars.

Walt suggests that Walt is venturing into space and has found feelings while in it. He says, “When that thing you are willing to cross all of the universe to be with, make certain that it’s available to do so for you.”