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As part of their self-care rituals on Thursday nights, these beautiful, blonde girls apply a hair masque to maintain healthy and shiny hair throughout the week. Argon oil is a great natural moisturizer. This hair mask can be used to strengthen, repair and restore hair that has been overprocessed or damaged. Best part? You won’t spend more than $13 for beautiful locks. 

A customer reviewed the product and said that it was “the best I’ve used for my hair yet.” A second reviewer said that the product makes a difference immediately after it touches their hair. My hair feels silky smooth even after washing it off and drying.

This mask will be applied to our hair Thursday night. Then, on Friday, we will do our 100 step skin-care regimen, wash our hands, scrub our apartment and take a bath. Finally, we will prepare for Saturday by ignoring all our texts. Self-care is what it’s all about! 

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