Into you! It’s a joy to announce that we have finally recognized you! Ariana GrandeThe wax figure.

On March 9, The Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Orlando, Fla. unveiled their likeness of the pop star. Our delight is to share that Ariana’s waxlikeness also includes her signature features like her tattoos, ponytail, and tattoos. Two-piece ensemble with pink puffer jacket and pearls is worn by the statue. Complete the look with diamond earrings and a copy of her engagement ring.

This is actually the third wax statue of the singer. The star is still not represented in this version, even though fans disagree. 

A Twitter user commented, “WAYYYYYY better, omg. I thought that this was actually her.”

Another voiced his opinion, adding that “they always mess her up.”

There were also those who didn’t quite know what to do. HowReact.

A Twitter user who was unsure of his feelings said that it wasn’t easy to decide how to feel. It’s good, but also terrible.