A remarkable aunt.

Bella Hadid may be a jet-setting supermodel, but fashion week, exotic photoshoots and red carpets have nothing on spending time with her niece Khai.

As Bella told CelebHomes News’ Zanna Roberts RassiExclusive Offer Daily Pop interview, she has a special bond with Gigi HadidAnd Zayn MalikThe 13-month-old daughter of’s sister, who often stays the night at her sister’s apartment.

Bella explained, “I want the baby to be with me and I want to get up early to be there,” “I never knew that I could have this much joy in my life. She is my greatest gift. Our family has changed in the most positive way for the better.”

In fact, being an aunt is the best gig Bella’s ever had. “Are full-time aunties available?” She cracked a joke.

Gigi seems just as grateful to have Bella in Khai’s life, and she even described her little sister as “a forever protector as an auntie” when wishing her a happy birthday earlier this month.