The heart desires what the heart desires, and that is what the hearts of the Selenators desire. Chris Evans and Selena Gomez to date.

Fans continue to comb Chris’And Selena’s social media profiles for a clue that they’re dating, and while there’s no solid evidence thus far, some people think the Captain America actor’s recent Instagram Story is their most solid lead yet.

The short clip captioned “Rainy days activities” shows the 40-year old Marvel star playing the piano. It’s a cute Instagram Story. However, some people noticed that the lower left corner had a brunette’s reflection. 

Earlier this month, Chris and Selena’s followers started speculating that they could be dating or hanging out after they noticed the Captain AmericaThe pop star was the lead. A Selena Gomez fan account posted photographs claiming that Chris Evans and Selena Gomez were spotted leaving the same restaurant.

CelebHomes News previously debunked those rumors, revealing that the photo of their secret rendezvous was actually taken outside a Pilates studio in Los Angeles in November 2017.