This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful to our family, friends and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. True Story—Netflix’s new seven episode limited series.

The drama will be a riveting thriller, and it released its first trailer on Wednesday Oct. 27. Kevin HartAnd Wesley Snipes They are brothers who couldn’t possibly be more apart. Particularly, True StoryThe Kid (Hart), the world-famous comedian, returns to Philadelphia to perform a show. Yet he isn’t exactly welcomed home with open arms, as his older brother (Snipes) has shown up unexpectedly, bringing with him drama that threatens to ruin The Kid’s empire.

Kid’s older brother, Kid, notes in the trailer that “Seven hours ago, you were the largest motherf–ker ever since Eddie.” “Now, you’re about the most scandalous.”

The drama in question includes street fights, guns and shattered glass. But as the trailer continues, losing his spot on the stage doesn’t seem to be The Kid’s biggest problem anymore, as he later says, “Now I have a lot more to lose than just my career.”