So goes fan love.

Anna Nicole SmithA daughter Dannielynn BirkheadShe is 15 years old, and her father Larry Birkhead They had a weekend to cherish when they went on a sight-seeing trip. Janet JacksonConcert Backstage, I spent time with “All for You”, the singer.

Larry shared the following Instagram message on July 24, 2014: “After hours singing, dancing, and sweating through @cincymusicfest I got to hang out with @janetjackson.” She was amazing, she managed to sing all her songs, dance in heat, and still make time for her two fans.

The snap shows Janet, Larry, and Dannielynn smiling while they stood in front of the curtain. Larry shared the details in an Instagram post from July 23. It was Dannielynn’s second Janet concert, and Larry his “millionth”. Their superfan status does not end there. Janet actually met Dannielynn before, when she wore one of Janet’s outfits to the Barnstable-Brown Gala in May.