Mira SorvinoI am still mourning my dad’s death.

It Reunion at Romy’s High School for Michele star took to social media to share the news that Paul Sorvinodied in 1983 at age 83.

“My great dad, Paul Sorvino, is gone.” she tweeted on July 25. “My heart is split-a life with him has ended. It was a lifetime of joy, love and wisdom. He was the greatest father. I love him so much.”

She added that the 54-year old actress was sending her love and support to Dad in the stars as she ascends.

Paul’s wife, DeeDee SorvinoAlso posted to Instagram that she was “completely distraught”.

“The love of my life & the most wonderful man who has ever lived is gone,” she wrote, alongside with a sweet photo of the couple, who married in December 2014. “I am heartbroken.”

According to a statement from Paul’s publicist Roger Neal, the New York native died of natural causes, having dealt with health issues over the past few years. He was accompanied by his wife when he died.