Sean Tissue

As a leading real estate investment and development company, Centureon Investments provides real estate investors with opportunities to get involved in rewarding turnkey investments within blossoming local real estate markets. Through a comprehensive approach based on educating and empowering investors, Centureon provides its clients with proactive market analysis, the ability to acquire and develop property, and ongoing property management possibilities through an exhaustive real estate managerial program. By providing real estate investors with the tools needed to secure these beneficial investments, Centureon Investments works to maximize the returns of their investors while creating viable housing throughout the Greater Detroit area and the Midwest and Southwest regions of the United States. Through extensive, consistent customer and tenant services, Centureon also creates inviting, exceptional, and successful experiences for tenants, creating a beneficial experience for all parties involved.

Through this comprehensive approach, the team at Centureon Investments works to transition local rental markets while creating satisfied, long-term renters and investors. For Sean Tissue, Centureon’s CEO and a seasoned real estate developer and investor, these benefits are a direct result of the company’s commitment to fostering long-term meaningful relationships with everyone involved in a Centureon managed property. For Tissue, equipping potential investors with the knowledge, tools, and industry expertise needed to successfully develop rental housing not only directly benefits investors with monthly cash flow, but also benefits renters and stimulates the surrounding local markets.

At Centureon Investments, Tissue has built a team of trusted real estate experts with decades of experience under their belts. With two team members who have been with Tissue for the previous eight years of his professional journey, the company is able to leverage its personnel consistency to positively impact local housing markets by leaning on their industry knowledge. For Tissue, communication is pivotal to achieving lofty, multifaceted goals of benefitting the investor and renter alike.

With complete transparency, the team at Centureon works to provide potential investors with comprehensive market analysis, works to limit the risk potential of investment, and works to create manageable projections of anticipated results. Throughout the life cycle of investment, the team continues to parlay ongoing results, market trends, and all other pertinent information to the investor partner, building upon their goal of complete transparency and communication. For renters, this equates to high standards on the property management side, with a focus on answering all inquiries in a speedy manner, caring for all maintenance issues, and proactively working to increase satisfaction and reduce turnover.

In addition to extensively working toward the success of all involved parties, the team at Centureon Investments looks toward the overall betterment of local markets through their own involvement. Through renovation efforts in up-and-coming neighborhoods, including a vast presence in Detroit, the company actively works toward beautifying local neighborhoods, and providing viable housing that will attract renters at all price points. Recognizing the area’s homeless concerns, especially throughout the winter, the company has recently started an internal program built to benefit the area’s homeless population.

Without much fanfare at all, Tissue and his team have set up an internal program that allows homeless individuals to reside in Centureon renovated properties not yet occupied by renters, essentially providing these individuals with free housing. Especially helpful and transformative throughout the harsh winter months, the program houses between thirty to forty homeless individuals, and provides local transportation that enables these affected individuals to move easily to their temporary dwelling and removes the risks and discomfort of attending crowded shelters, or worse, sleeping outside in the dead of winter. This act of kindness helps to alleviate the continuously growing concern of homelessness in the city of Detroit, and allows for individuals to receive livable accommodations, something that Centureon Investments recognizes as an important piece of being committed to the betterment of the local markets it serves.

With a goal of providing real estate investors with long-term, beneficial investment opportunities, Centureon Investments aims to provide the tools needed to maintain the continued viability of their investments and the investments of their clients. Centureon does this by maintaining a vertically-integrated structure that allows them to be involved in every step of the investment and development process. Through this comprehensive approach, the company dodges many pitfalls seen by independent investors, other turnkey investment management companies without financial experience, or large-scale investment companies without the operational know-how needed to succeed on a daily basis. By combining all of these factors, Centureon works to acquire and renovate properties, but to also maintain successful maintenance of these properties over a long period of time, adding great value to their neighborhoods. By limiting turnaround, negative tenant interactions, and potentially unsafe living conditions, Centureon provides positive rental experiences which draws eager renters to properties managed by the company, further bolstering the company’s reputation and benefiting the markets it serves.

Sean Tissue

As CEO of Centureon Investments, Sean Tissue understands the need for the continued growth of the company’s portfolio and infrastructure needed to successfully care for daily management operations. Simultaneously, he also understands the long-term transformative powers of his company’s impact on local markets, and the role that his company plays in creating blossoming local communities. Through Centureon’s approach to successful long-term investments and customer service, the company cultivates a perfect environment for creating and maintaining housing for all.

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