6 Renovations to Upgrade Your Luxury Kitchen

The kitchen of your home is the heart of family gatherings for meals, parties, coffee, and important conversations. As the focus of so many activities, you want to mix style with practicality to achieve the height of comfort and ambiance. Below are some excellent suggestions for creating the perfect mix of elegance and utilitarian design.

1. Install pot filler faucets.

Toll Brothers recommends adding a pot filler to any kitchen as an excellent way to make the cooking experience easier. Chefs and novices alike love this high-end aid that eliminates much of the need to carry heavy pots of water to your stove after filling them up at the sink. By installing a faucet above the stove for this purpose, cooking becomes much easier.

Considering that large kitchen pots can weigh as much as 30 or 40 pounds in some cases, the idea of a pot filler faucet is a true luxury design amenity whose time has come. While the installation process isn’t difficult, using a plumber for this project makes sense.

2. Make upgrades to comply with ADA guidelines.

Life is unpredictable, so it makes sense to prepare for every possibility. American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance in your kitchen means that if you or a family member becomes dependent on a wheelchair, you will be able to use the kitchen with ease. Meeting ADA guidelines also means that your home will appeal to many more buyers when you decide to sell it.

American Standard recommends using a single grip faucet that makes operation user friendly requiring the use of only one hand. Additionally, there are hands-free options worth considering when making ADA compliant design choices.

Countertop heights should be placed at a height of between 29 and 36 inches to accommodate a wheelchair. Sinks should be shallow so that they are easy to access by someone who is wheelchair-bound.

When designing the kitchen, it is important to provide at least a 40-inch passageway in width. In kitchens where a wheelchair can not simply pass through but must be able to turn around, then a 60-inch kitchen width is required. ADA kitchen sinks and faucets are also available to allow for more knee space and to improve reach.

3. Replace your traditional stovetop with an induction cooktop.

Bob Vila touts the benefits of an induction cooktop as an amenity worthy of a luxury kitchen. One of the main benefits of this type of cooktop is that it heats up much faster than electric and gas stovetops. Another benefit of these cooktops is that you can use two cooking zones to accommodate wide cookware that would not fit on a single burner in traditional stovetops.

4. Install built-in coffee bar.

HGTV suggests a built-in coffee bar as a kitchen upgrade that is certain to impress. Imagine having your own private space with all the coffee accouterments found in your favorite coffee shops. A complete bar would include a high-end coffee machine of your choice and your favorite gourmet coffee brands. An espresso machine and French press round out your brewing options for a full-service bar.

The bar should have room for mugs, sweeteners, and creamers too. Coffee lovers are sure to enjoy having everything they need in one organized spot.

5. Add lighting features.

Upgrading the lighting in your kitchen can bolster the appeal of your space creating an electrifying impact that is difficult to replicate. There are many options to consider.

One popular choice is to use recessed ceiling lights. These lights can be arranged in different patterns for an artistic touch.

Chandeliers are another way to go. As a dominant fashion statement, a chandelier tends to establish the style for the rest of the room. That’s why it is so important to be discriminating when making your selection.

Under-cabinet lights serve a dual purpose as both practical and attractive. It is much easier to prepare food when the lighting is good.

6. Utilize two kitchen islands.

Use one island as a breakfast bar. Then use the other island for food prep and storage as needed. Large kitchens can easily accommodate two kitchen islands. Select surfaces befitting a luxury kitchen. Spacing out your work area away from the busy breakfast bar is always preferable.