Puff Daddy. P. Diddy. Puffy. Diddy.

Music mogul Sean CombsHe has been called many names throughout the years. However, he only has one name that he would like you to use. 

Grammy Award winner talked about his many nicknames when he stopped to discuss them. Ellen DeGeneres ShowOn May 18, he made his final appearance on the talk-show, marking his 17th and last. 

Ellen DeGeneresThe opportunity was taken to ask a very important question: What’s your name?

The rapper replied, Chuckling: “I just decided that I am just going by the name Diddy.”

Ellen also pointed out Diddy’s recent legal change to Love. 

“See Diddy, that’s my nickname. I am Love. The rapper said that he had changed his name to Love. “Sean Love Combs is what my driver’s licence says, and that’s the official name of my love, Love.”

He looked at the crowd and said, “I am Love.” I am Love! It is possible.