Armie Hammer’s Scandal and Family Secrets to Be Explored in Docuseries

Armie HammerShe has taken on a new staring role but it’s not the one that viewers may expect.

The actor’s recent controversies—as well as the Hammer family’s past scandals—will be the subject of a new Discovery+ and ID docuseries. The current title of the series is House of Hammer It will include “an archive of interviews and survivors’ stories” and “a trove to examine a dysfunctional family with male characters that exhibit all of the devastating consequences of privilege taken wild.”

The You can call me by my nameRecent years have seen a drop in stardom. In March 2021, Armie was accused of sexual assault by multiple women—he denied any wrongdoing—and exited the Jennifer LopezFilm with an actor Shotgun WeddingSpend time with his family. He later sought treatment for drug, alcohol and sex abuse, with sources telling CelebHomes in February, “Armie is very committed to his sobriety and has been super consistent with it.”

The Social Network Actor isn’t the only Hammer member who has been harmed by scandal. He was born to his paternal great-grandfather, in 1972. Armand Hammer, an oil tycoon and Soviet ally, pleaded guilty and received a suspended sentence for providing secret and illegal campaign funds to President Richard NixonAccording to The New York Times.