Ant AnsteadHe defends his behavior on social media.

The 16th of May will see the Joyride with Celebrity IOU star, 43, headed to his neighborhood soccer field and filmed video of his two-year-old son Hudson showcasing his skills. 

As the father-son duo passed the ball to one another, Hudson was overheard on Instagram telling his dad, “Put your phone down.” One critic commented on the post with some shade.

The user replied, “I was concerned that Hudson would be exploited via social media.” Ant shared his reasons for liking the post after he saw it. ReallyWe wanted to capture that moment.

“Absolutely, I don’t” he said. It’s a joy to be a child and capture organic moments following the steps of a toddler. It is an amazing way to record your memories and have a look back. But being a puppet ‘used’ for commercial gain and being made to perform makes my stomach sick. Both are obviously very different.