All Disillusioned ReignHis two front teeth are all he wants for Christmas.

Dad of six-year-old son Scott DisickReign took to Instagram on Wednesday Dec. 1, with a sweet snap of him showing off his smile, after having lost one his most prominent front teeth. 

Scott captioned Scott’s photo with “Tooth fairy tonight”. 

Lucky for Reign, the Tooth Fairy that visits him and his siblings is Thank you generous. He was very generous with his mother when he had to have a root canal. Kourtney Kardashian took to her Instagram Stories to share the set-up in his room reserved for the magical creature’s arrival, including a grassy fairy patch and a tiny door that only the Tooth Fairy had the key for. 

Poosh’s founder shared with us a note that was left by the Tooth Fairy. The note read, “I’m too small to give you a gift,” and was left in a mailbox fairy-sized. You can use this $ to buy the one that you like.