A well-known fashion designer and director Tom FordThis is his story of the loss of his husband.  

Ford’s husband is a fashion journalist and editor Richard Buckley, died on Sept. 19 “of natural causes after a prolonged illness,” Ford’s rep confirmed in a statement. He was 72.  

Ford, 60 years old, gave an interview to The Independent less than 3 months after his death. WSJ MagazineHis story about how he has been adapting to his new life since the death of his 35 year-old wife.

“It’s been hard after 35 years, very hard,” he told the outlet. He said, “I think, “Oh, God! I must call Richard” or send him a message about it. He’s nowhere to be found. 

Ford has had to assume new responsibilities after the loss. He is now primary caregiver for their nine-year-old son. JackHe believes he has “gotten quite good” at some of these.

This includes a new morning routine for father and son.