If you thought breaking up was hard, try doing it in the public eye.

CelebHomes News revealed that CelebHomes News first confirmed the news in September. Morgan Willett and Johnny Bananas had split after meeting on The Challenge in 2019. While Morgan has tried her best to put on a happy face, the reality star recently admitted to having a “hard” past couple of months. 

“People see the girl on the InternetAnd she’s smiling and shimming,” she exclusively told CelebHomes News on Dec. 1. Behind all that, there is someone who struggles. That is what I strive to be. It’s not for everyone. It’s all up to me now.

Morgan, three months after she broke up with her husband, stepped out to celebrate winter at the Dodgers Holiday Festival. Morgan isn’t ready to be with another man, even though some people have suggested she move on.